This course aims to expose students to the study of worship and the basis of music in worship. Students will learn the theological foundation for worship, have a Biblical understanding of its importance in the Christian faith, and will be exposed to the practical expression and application of worship through music.  

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Course Instructions

    2. Workbook Download

    1. 2-1 What is Worship?

    2. 2-2 Article: What is Worship

    3. 2-3 Worksheet - Reflection on Psalm 95

    1. 3-1 Worship & Music

    2. 3-2 Article: The Theology and Place of Music in Worship

    3. 3-3 Worksheet: Personal Reflection

    1. 4-1 Practicalities of Leading Worship

    2. 4-2 What Makes a Good Worship Leader?

    3. 4-3 Assignment - Plan a Worship Set

    1. Course Evaluation Survey

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Pastor Dave Wong

Ps Dave Wong is the worship pastor on staff at Faith Community Church. Dave grew up serving in worship from a young age and has had extensive experience leading worship teams and ministries in different capacities. His passion is to grow worship teams that have a deep love for Christ, excellence in their craft and are committed to helping people encounter God's presence in worship.

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