Mental health issues are prevalent within the church and those who minister to others need to be aware of the multifaceted complexity of treating mental health issues. This course will introduce students to a range of concepts and skills necessary for effective spiritual counselling. 


This course will be taught by professional mental health workers and full-time church ministers specialising in spiritual interventions. All teachers are active Christians with successful ministry experience. It affords a rare opportunity to receive insights from a wide range of mature teachers in the field. 

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Course Instructions

    1. Topic 1.1: Mental Health Awareness - Part 1

    2. Read | Fearfully and Wonderfully Made | Matthew S. Stanford

    3. Read | Our Identity in Christ | Matthew S. Stanford

    4. Activity | Our Identity in Christ

    5. Watch | Your Brain when You are Anxious

    6. Watch | Mental Illness Affects the Brain

    7. Read | How the Brain Responds to Threats

    8. Topic 1.2: Mental Health Awareness - Part Two

    9. Read | Self-Stigma

    10. Watch | The Labels We Carry

    11. Activity | Preparation for Change

    1. Topic 2: Church's Role in Mental Health Awareness and Care

    2. Read | Clergy Perceptions of Mental Illness and Confronting Stigma in Congregations

    3. Watch | Mental Health and Faith Community Partnership

    4. Watch | Don't Put People in Boxes

    5. Activity | Church and Mental Health

    1. Topic 1: What is Inner Healing & Deliverance

    2. Read | The Importance of Inner Healing & Deliverance for Effective Discipleship | Johnathan Lee Shoo Chiang

    3. Read | The Biblical Guidebook to Deliverance | Randy Clark

    4. Read | How Do You See Yourself | Joyce Meyer

    5. Read | The Virtue of Self Acceptance | Barbara Byers

    6. Worksheet | Reflection for Topic 1

    1. Topic 2: Where and Why We Struggle

    2. Watch | Listening to Shame | Brene Brown

    3. Worksheet | Reflection for Topic 2

    1. Topic 3: Who Gets Us There

    2. Read | Parable of the Dancing God | C. Baxter Kruger

    3. Read | Who Am I? | Neil T. Anderson

    4. Worksheet | Reflection for Topic 3

About this course

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  • 33 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content


Ruth Chong

Ruth Chong is head of the prayer, inner healing & deliverance ministries called GEMs (God Encounter Ministries) in Faith Community Church. She has led teams to minister and train people in this area of inner healing and deliverance in many cities internationally. Her primary passion is to see lives set free through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Faith Tee

Faith Tee is a professional counsellor serving under Family Life Ministry in FCC with more than 10 years of experience in school, church and community counselling. She has a theology degree in Christian counselling, postgraduate psychology qualifications, a master’s in counselling, and six months Ellel training in inner healing and deliverance in England. Her passion is to restore broken people in need of Jesus, so that they can pursue their individual call that God has for them.

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