The first 39 books of the Holy Bible form the foundation for 3 world religions touching almost half of the world’s entire population. The Hebrew Bible, or First Testament, is foundational to the Christian faith. Our Bible could be likened to a two-story building where the second story provides the best view of God, Jesus, and the future. But without the first story, the Old Testament, there could never be a second story – it is foundational to all that we believe. This short course attempts to provide a quick overview of each book and also pause on some deeper insights from time to time. Together with bonus material, the student will be introduced into the wonderful world of the Old Testament.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Course Instructions

    2. Workbook Downloads

    1. 2-1 Topic 1 | How We Got the Old Testament

    2. 2-2 Video | Interview with Scribe Julie Seltzer

    1. 3-1 Topic 2 | Overview: Structure and Chronology of the Old Testament

    2. 3-2 Video | Overview: TaNaK / Old Testament

    3. 3-3 Topic 3 | Overview: The World of the Old Testament

    4. Quiz 1

    1. 4-1 Topic 4 | Survey: Genesis to Numbers

    2. 4-2 Topic 5 | Survey: Deuteronomy to 1 Samuel

    3. 4-3 The Mount Ebal Curse Tablet

    4. Quiz 2

    1. 5-1 Topic 6 | Survey: 2 Samuel to 2 Chronicles

    2. 5-2 Topic 7 | Survey: Ezra to Song of Songs

    3. Quiz 3

    1. 6-1 Topic 8 | Survey: Isaiah to Malachi

    2. 6-2 Jesus in the Old Testament

About this course

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Pastor Mike Keating

Mike is the founding Principal of the WA AOG State Bible College and has been involved with planting and academic provision of Bible Colleges around the world. He consults to churches and movements. He has three degrees and has served as a senior pastor for 40 years, held multiple portfolios in the Church and charity sectors. He is a dynamic communicator with a deep passion for God’s Word.

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